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Signworld of NC Testimonials

  • Jeff, I am glad it went well and the coordination was on point. Having your expertise, professionalism, and dedication to work for us made the difference. The GC said you were the best contractor he’s EVER worked with in that area and appreciated your hard work, knowledge, and professionalism as well. He said, “Jeff was a great guy, he has all his ducks in a row, and great to work with”. When we hear things like this we definitely appreciate that much more. It means you serve North American Signs as if you were part of our company.   Thank you,  
    Scott Sindle
    Project Manager North American Signs
    North American Signs
  • Wonderful work you do.   Thank you, Tony Anthony Danko HMS Host – Charlotte Airport
    Charlotte Airport
  • It is great that Sign World is celebrating 45 years.  I have used Sign World in Charlotte since 1971.   It is always a great experience. Mr. Jerry has always been one of my favorite installers.  I can give the Sign World team a purchase order and never worry about anything else. I know everything will be taken care of timely and when the documentation comes in, I know I will have everything to invoice the customer.    Thanks to the Sign World team for great service.    Wanda McMurry | Project Manager Principle global brand implementation
  • Debra, we have enjoyed working with Sign World over the years.  Everyone there has always done a great job, and it has been a pleasure. Hope I have something come up in your area soon.   Thank You Sandra   Sandra K. Reynolds Project Manager National Sign Corp
    National Sign Corp
  • I couldn’t have been more pleased with the work that Rob and Wayne provided last week. I always hold my breath when I am on site and have guys working inside because you never know who/what you are going to get, but those guys nailed this installation.  They were very skilled in installation, aware of their surroundings inside with bank employees, very efficient with time and I didn’t hear them complain once even though the installation was difficult at times. Tyler Burnette | Senior Project Manager
    I couldn’t have been more pleased
  • I cherish and appreciate the knowledge, dedication, and professionalism I’ve received from the Sign World team. Being a tight group; they are caring, flexible and utilize their talents to meet the customer needs while reaching a common goal. In addition, I felt like my projects were treated with significance and importance from the first contact through its completion.  Even today and many months after projects have been completed, Sign World continues to offer excellent customer service/support. I’m proud to give them the highest of recommendations. -Laura Batignani, Senior Project Manager Harbinger Sign
    Laura Batignani, Senior Project Manager Harbinger Sign